Gone With the WIN

by princebase



The top single from the upcoming princebase album "Skulls, Peace, & Chicken Grease" coming to iTunes and BandCamp in Spring 2015


Verse I
Ahhhh...what a wonderful day
fat children, come on outside to play
so please gun totters no stray shots today
settle your silly differences another type of way
Tuesday heard of a young girl getting shot
this cant be life, no its not
I dont know what we living but it must stop
so I had to switch it up when the needle dropped
I was stuck in a daze a very ugly haze
trading my soul for soundcloud plays
well I got some, whoopty hooray!
and no one even thought to throw princebase a parade
well forget them then
cause see, I been doing this since way back when
you been playing Vice City on your PS2
freestyling in the Crown Vic, me and the crew
those were the days, smoking on black and milds
all of our mothers worried about their young black child
wild....caught up in the mix
up, down, left, right, like a crucifix
dont know which way to go
all of our pops walked out of that door
and how did we handle that?
looking for hoes
blowing oh's making beats and flows, ya know

Verse II
Ay yo that hook is crazy
took me about 2 seconds to come up with it baby
Im swazzy, demand you pay me
Im so for real, I am no fugazzi
that means false, phony, fake, suckaz
what most of you people do, and I have had enough of
Im known to bring the ruckaz
I'll Dee-Bo you Chris Tuckers
you need some good-luckers
Hello Motherfuckers!

Verse III
Alas, I'm here to set it off
lyrical chop heads off, I dead em off
9 million mics unplugged, Holocaust
smooth like cocktails, hot like Molotov
months ago I chat with the brother THENAMESMILLEN
injected me with some wisdom like it was penicillin
real recognize real says Riley Freeman
and we can see through facades so who are they deceiving?
I want to wish everybody well this very evening...
cause it can be your last sunset
Jigga said, "You gotta learn to live with Regret"
keep it moving stay grooving baby "On To the Next"
I've been possessed...yes!
with the spirit of rhythm
dont know how this even happened
dont know how it got in him
but i do know this, I'm gone with the WIN
goodbye to the suckaz, HELLO MOTHERFUCKERS!


released 01 April 2014
princebase (recording artist)



all rights reserved


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